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2-3/8″ Swing Hanger with Clevis Pendulum

Swing hangers are one of the most important parts of the entire swingset. It connects the chains to the top rail and it is the pivot point that creates the fun motion that is the swing. The 2-3/8-inch Swing Hanger with Clevis Pendulum is designed for 2-3/8-inch top rails, but just because it is intended for a smaller set, it doesn’t mean it isn’t as strong. Constructed out of galvanized steel, the 2-3/8-inch Swing Hanger with Clevis Pendulum can handle not only the daily grind of children swinging, but the relentless barrage of the elements. Rain can be one of the most destructive forces over time and our hanger is designed to endure many a rainy day. Whether you need one or two or even a dozen, each hanger will hold up the same showing the same great quality as with all of our other products.


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