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1 Seat Package Bucket – 8′ Top Rail

This Elite Bucket Seat Package contains almost all of the equipment needed to outfit your swing frame with a bucket seat for young children. The seat is designed to hold preschool aged riders or toddlers. It has two holes for them to place their legs through, and a high rim that keeps their backs upright. They will need help getting into the seat and being pushed, but they will greatly appreciate the fun introduction to swinging. This package contains the bucket seat, swing chains, clevis connectors, and a tool for attaching them to the hanger. If you already have the frame and hangers, this set includes everything that you need to get started. In your order, you can specify lengths of chain to fit 7 or 8-foot top rails, so that this package can fit with any existing swing frame. The 7-foot lengths are perfect for out cantilever swings, which have sections made specifically for young children.


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Age Range: 9-36 months

Product Type: Swing Set Parts