ADA Compliant

3 Bay 2 Cantilevers – Frame Only with Hangers

Those who are managing or building large playgrounds correctly suspect that having a variety of play options for a wide age range of children is necessary to keep all visitors happy and healthy. Appropriately, this three-bay single post swing with dual cantilever extensions is a suitable purchase. This unit merges the desire to provide a classic swinging entertainment with the wisdom of creating accessibility for both older and younger kids. The three bays are suitable for the attachment of two belt swings each (six belt swings total). These belt swings on longer chains are perfect for older kids who already have a degree of motor control. The two cantilever extensions on either end sit at a lower height from the central frame and are best suited for installation of bucket seats for younger kids who benefit from smaller swing heights and the presence of a helping adult. The swing set is available in the colors shown or customizable to a range of alternate colors.


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Commercial Playground Solutions specializes in smaller commercial playground products in the middle Georgia area. We are proud to offer customers with the full turnkey price of our playgrounds. Our prices include the cost of materials, freight, and installation. We employ playground specialists and in-house installers that work with you to get your playground of choice safely and efficiently installed.

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Fall Height: 96"

Post Diameter: 5-inch

Product Type: Swing Sets

Safety Zone: 32' x 54' 10"