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4 Bay 2 Cantilevers – Frame with Hangers, 4 Bay Belt Seat Package, 1 Bay Bucket Package

Ideal for large, diverse playgrounds, the ⅞ feet high Elite Cantilever Swing – 4 Bay 2 Cantilevers can hold 10 energetic kids all at once! Standing at 8-feet high, the 4 central bays can host 8 children altogether. Two, 7-feet high cantilever swings stand at opposite ends to accommodate smaller, younger children. They are set at a smaller height to make sure they do not swing too high or too fast. Additionally, the hangers are placed further apart than the regular bay swings to prevent excessive side-to-side swaying. This provides a safe environment for kids to improve body control, balance, and motor control as they swing. Children of all ages can congregate and play together on this large swing set. This makes it perfect for churches, schools, parks or other vibrant play communities. If you would like to add your own seats, pick the Frame Only option. Conversely, you may choose what color seats you would like if you get the set with standard seats.


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Commercial Playground Solutions specializes in smaller commercial playground products in the middle Georgia area. We are proud to offer customers with the full turnkey price of our playgrounds. Our prices include the cost of materials, freight, and installation. We employ playground specialists and in-house installers that work with you to get your playground of choice safely and efficiently installed.

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Fall Height: 96"

Post Diameter: 5-inch

Product Type: Swing Sets

Safety Zone: 32' x 66' 3"