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Three Hoop Dog Jump

The Three Hoop Dog Jump is a challenging and cleverly designed agility obstacle for dogs. It features three hoops with increasing heights that are built for dogs to jump through. The dogs can be trained to jump straight through the hoops fairly easily, but the real test of skill is training them to zigzag back and forth through all three. The hoops are large enough that most breeds of dogs can fit through them, and although all three are elevated above the ground most dogs will be able to reach them. Additionally, they are made from 5/8-inch solid steel, so there is no risk of large dogs accidently breaking them. However older or less agile dogs may prefer the Two Hoop Jump. The hoops are even cleverly arranged in the shape of a dog, making this not only a great activity for exercising your pet, but also a great decoration that adds to the dog theme of your area.


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