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Team Swing Seat with Rope and Chain

Get the most out of the space on your playground with the Inclusive Team Swing Seat. This disc-shaped seat offers a unique swing experience for kids, and can accommodate kids of varying abilities and ages. Thanks to the snug, bowl-like seat, kids can feel safe, secure, and comfortable while whooshing through the air. It is vital that all kids have the opportunity to have fun on the playground, and the Inclusive Team Swing Seat does exactly that. Kids can swing on their own, but having a friend join them to push is ideal, and allows kids to develop their social skills on the playground. The bowl-shaped seat also offers easy entry for children of all abilities, and it comes in a variety of color options to suit all playground colors and themes. The Inclusive Team Swing Seat will be a great addition to your playground, and is sure to make it a more inclusive space for all children.


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Age Range: 2-12 years