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Small Dog Park Kit

The Small Dog Park Kit contains everything you need to turn any outdoor area into a haven for dogs and their owners. It has two obstacles, the Dog Hurdle and Two Hoop Jump, which are perfect for agility training with dogs, professionally or just for fun. The Dog Hurdle has a wide bar which makes it suitable for nearly any dog breed, It even has an adjustable height, so that you can begin to train your dog on an easy hurdle before working your way up to the taller ones. The Two Hoop Jump features two round hoops, placed at different heights, which dogs can weave back and forth through with speed. When it is time for a break, there is a leah post, which can safely hold up to four leashes, so that the dogs can run around, play with each other, or have fun on their own. While they do so, there is even a picnic table where the owner can sit and relax.


This price includes material, freight, labor, and taxes!

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