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Single Post Circle Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder

The Single Post Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder showcases a circular overhead beam, attached to which are over a dozen easy-to-grip handles. Kids can either swing to and fro along the perimeter of the circle or transition to hauling themselves hand over hand along a crossbar that features a smaller concentric circle within the center of the framework. The swinging nature of the ring handles makes the climbing of this commercial-grade installation a particularly fun challenge for adventurous youth. Smart playground builders know to include climbing elements like this product in their designs, as they encourage children to subtly build up the muscles in their upper torsos. In addition, such activities help kids enhance their gross motor skills so as to better control their motion and improve their posture. The structure’s careful arrangement of rings and the framework’s bright colors make for an eye catching climber that will be sure to gain any youngster’s interest straight away.


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Age Range: 5-12 years

Child Capacity: 6-10

Fall Height: 96"

Post Diameter: 4.5-inch

Product Type: Get Physical

Safety Zone: 22' 5" x 22' 5"