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Royal Double Station Sit Up Bench

Sit-ups can be the most boring and most gruesome exercises of them all. How about doing sit-ups with your partner or better yet, with a complete stranger with a beautiful smile? That is what this Royal Sit Up Bench Station is all about. The Royal Sit Up Bench Station allows two people to do sit-ups simultaneously. With a natural curve of the benches, you will get ample support for the back so this means you will have a comfortable posture for exercising. The Royal Sit Up Bench Station still presents a challenge so you can tone your abdomen into a washboard tummy. The Royal Sit Up Bench Station is built with galvanized steel and comes standard for surface mounting. Request a quote on the Royal Sit Up Bench Station or any Royal Fitness designs today!


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Age Range: 13 years +

Muscle Group: Core

Product Type: Fitness Royal

Unit Size: 5' 4" x 4' 11"