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Pixel Bridge

The Pixel Bridge is a simple climber with a prominent shape that kids will notice from all over the playground. Its arched design allows kids to play underneath it, or climb up and over the top side. The slanted angle of the pixel climbers makes them easier to scale than vertical climbing walls, and allows children to easily climb from one side to the other after reaching the crest of the arch. Imaginative kids making this journey can pretend that they are crossing a dangerous bridge or even climbing a steep mountain. From on top of the structure they will have an elevated vantage point from which they can see all of their surroundings. Climbing the undersides of these panels is much more difficult, but children will still be able to hang from the holes and edges. The Pixel Bridge offers a surprising number of ways to play in one versatile structure.


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Product Specifications

Age Range: 5-12 years

Child Capacity: 5-10

Fall Height: 72"

Product Type: Climbing

Safety Zone: 15' 1" x 19' 7"