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Overhead Spinner

The Pick N Play Overhead Spinner is a thrilling piece which can be added to any Pick N Play structure. It has a rotating overhead wheel which children can grab onto and hang from. The wheel will start to spin on its own, but by shifting their weight around, whey can try to control its speed, or even make it change directions. The wheel is set at a height that should allow it to be easily reached by most kids between the ages of five and twelve, and is also close enough to the ground that it will be safe for children to let go of while it spins. This is a fun, effortless activity, which makes it a good complement to more strenuous Pick N Play activities such as climbing walls. The Pick N Play Overhead Spinner is available with a range of custom color options which allow it to blend in with the other pieces in your structure.


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Age Range: 5-12 years

Fall Height: 7'

Post Diameter: 4.5-inch