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The Gatlinburg play structure is a tidy package of fun features for those who only have a minimal amount of space for an installation but still want playground equipment that is charmingly inviting with features that facilitate accessibility. The Transfer Station helps children get started up the path to a Double Slide where kids can zip down to the ground below alongside their best friend. Nervous youngsters who might be encountering a slide for the very first time will benefit from their pal going with them. On the ground level rests a traditional Tic-Tac-Toe Panel. Kids can sit and challenge each other to an impromptu game using the easily turnable column sections. Installed on the opposite side are a Snake Climber’s four durably built metal rungs. Energetic youths with energy to spare will adore the challenge of scaling up the side of the structure in order to access the central platform.


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Commercial Playground Solutions specializes in smaller commercial playground products in the middle Georgia area. We are proud to offer customers with the full turnkey price of our playgrounds. Our prices include the cost of materials, freight, and installation. We employ playground specialists and in-house installers that work with you to get your playground of choice safely and efficiently installed.

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Age Range: 2-5 years

Child Capacity: 14-17

Fall Height: 36"

Post Diameter: 3.5-inch

Product Type: Spark

Safety Zone: 17 '7" x 26 '1"

ADA Accessibility

Elevated: 3 components

Ground Level: 1 component