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Craggy Range

For kids with an abundance of creative and physical energy, give them the chance to climb up and over the Craggy Range over and over again. With three branches of climbing walls connected by a Tri Connect ladder at the center, this playscape offers a vast amount of climbing space, enough to satisfy even the most enthusiastic children. Craggy Range allows for sprawling, original play. Children can claim a limb for themselves and free play up, down, around, and over the walls and Geo Ladders. Or, groups can range over the whole structure, developing wild and imaginative games as they go. Different color combinations can turn the Craggy Range into an vast snowy peak perfect for hunting down Yeti or into a lush, green forest where little sprites can scale ripe, red berries to catch a glimpse over the hills. With almost limitless color and play options, Craggy Range can provide endless fun and exercise for school-aged children. Whether kids want to go over the top or play at the base, Craggy Range offers a world of adventures in a single structure.


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Age Range: 5-12 years

Fall Height: 90"

Product Type: Craggy Rock

Safety Zone: 38' 2" x 35' 7"