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Clevis Connector

This single clevis connector from is exactly what the playground doctor ordered for those fed up with their often-loosening S-hooks. Using traditional construction to maximize durability and versatility, these hooks are a good fit with most playground equipment, and they work particularly well with larger swing seats. Simply attach clevis hangers to the chains and then attach the hangers to the seats. You will then have secure connections that will help keep kids safe while they play on their favorite swing sets.

The clevis connector we offer for sale is made from galvanized steel that makes it highly durable and free from rust. It is easy to install the clevis pin shackle, which means you can add it to your existing or new swing set without too much hassle. Use the pin to keep the clevis and shackle in place and to give you peace of mind that your play structure is safe and secure. The tight fit means that you will not have to adjust the clevis hangers very often.

The fact that the clevis shackle is more robust and tamper-resistant than S-hooks results in it being a perfect accessory to make your swing sets safer for the kids. You can have these clevis shackles delivered straight to your front door at an affordable cost, so you will not have to brave the crowds and the hardware stores in order to get these vital connectors. Coming from, these connectors are of the highest quality and are trusted by commercial and residential clients alike to improve their playgrounds. Use the single clevis shackle with any swing seat, and do not forget to add a clevis key for locking and unlocking the pin and improving the shackle’s tamper resistance.

A connector made in the clevis design is a fantastic alternative to the traditional S-hook for your swing set. You will want to buy one for each connection that you make to playground seats. It is also good to have a few extra on hand so that you are ready to replace other S-hooks down the line. Order these connectors online today and you will see just how beneficial they are to your equipment.


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