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7 Foot Top Rail Cantilever Bucket Seat PVC Coated Chain (4 Foot Length)

Upgrade your traditional galvanized steel swingset chain with our commercial-grade PVC Coated Swingset Chain. These high-quality swing chains not only meet safety standards for public use but are manufactured to withstand heavy use on the busiest community or school playgrounds. Provide comfort and peace of mind to young thrill-seekers who will no longer worry about pinched fingers or slippery hands. Our PVC Coated Swingset Chain offers a snug, textured grip, and protection against snags, pinches, or the effects of cold weather. Our High-quality coated playground swing chains come pre-cut in three sizes: 78” for 8ft Top Rail Height, 60” for 8ft Top Rail Height with bucket seat, or 48” for 7ft Top Rail Height Cantilever and can be used with our Elite High Back Bucket Swing Seat. Get creative with your designs and add a fun pop of color with one of four available colors: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.


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