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15 Foot Spiral Tube Slide – Slide and Mounts Only

Once folks see the looping wonder of this 15-foot Spiral Tube Slide, they’ll be wanting to twist the days away no matter what season it is. The lofty heights of this enclosed slide need only have an existing upper tier or platform from which to begin the zip down. Installation possibilities abound, whether you’re looking to jazz up your business’s headquarters, enliven a mall’s playscape, or just expand your options for how to get downstairs to the living room within your own home. Notable in the slide’s design is the partially clear exterior which helps ensure that all gathered around will bear witness to the inner occupants’ joy as they enjoy the ridge. The height of this particular structure also makes this one of only two slides in our line that allows for two spiral turns. This commercial-grade slide is composed of a galvanized stainless steel framework, and rotationally molded plastic is finished with a vibrant coat of powder coated paint.


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Product Specifications

Age Range: 2-12 years

Child Capacity: 1

Dimensions: 7' 7" x 9' 2"

Fall Height: 180"

Product Type: DIY Tube Slide