1 Bay 12' - Frame with Hangers and 1 Bay Belt Seat Package


1 Bay 12' - Frame with Hangers and 1 Bay Belt Seat Package

The 12 feet high Elite Tripod Swing – 1 Bay is a compact swing set that can fit in playgrounds with very limited ground area. However, despite having a relatively small ground area, its impressively high 12-foot top rail ensures that kids will be able to get the most of this swing. A taller frame means longer chains, which means that the seat has more room to go back and forth. With enough patience and practice, kids will learn to swing themselves in a long arc. This single bay design is made to support two sets of hangers, chains, and swing seats. Our flexible design allows you to easily upgrade your Elite Tripod Swings with additional bays later, if you so choose. The highly durable materials and galvanized metals used in the framework make this a great model for any location or climate.


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Meets National Standards for

  • ASTM F1487
  • CPSC Guidelines #325

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Fall Height: 12'
Post Diameter: 3.5-inch
Product Type: Swing Sets
Safety Zone: 48' x 35'

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